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Frequently Asked Questions


(Q1) Why do you not take orders for individual items in this program? and why do you show only categories? and what do you mean by FREE?

We do not take orders for individual items because
this web site is designed to accomplish just one thing, to acquaint others with the only service of its kind in the world, and not to sell the same items that millions of retailers and on liners sell.FURTHER, our reps, have no quotas to meet nor do they buy, sell, store or deliver anything.
Here, the sender makes just two(2) selections, How much? and to who! Why confuse the issue?
As for what we mean by free, we mean just that,
some use the word FREE....then suddenly you find gimmicks or hidden charges.
In this case, there are no gimmicks or hidden charges.
We absorb all costs, handling, special requirements packaging,(gift wrapping), insured guaranteed on time delivery, and delivery confirmation.
In other words, other than what you decide to pay for the gift, and a Special Express Delivery Priority Service charge of $8.50, there are no other costs,
Nada, Niente, Zero, Zilcho, Gratis.
That's keeping it simple! ...

Why Personal Assistants?...AND is it all you say it is??

We use PA's because we have tried the hiring approach,it just does not work for us.
Attitudes are different when you are working for yourself as against working for a pay check with low incentives or under constant threat of being laid off.
We have found the Independent Agent approach as used by many successful companies was and is the only way for us.
They are a different breed! They are a prideful, caring lot, who somehow have instilled in them the yearning to please.
and the will to not only succeed, but to carve out for themselves a predictable future!....at their own pace in their own style,...in their own time frame!!!
We love that attitude.
It "kind'a" separates the "men from the boys".
If you feel you have what it takes to become a Personal Assistant, then give us a call....we would be most pleased to explore with you the possibility of welcoming you aboard The $UCCE$$ EXPRE$$...1-877-871-2716.<<
Thank you!


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